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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

3rd of 17 for 2017 - "You Must Be Croaking" is a Flimsy :)

This is my third UFO cross-off from my 17 in 2017 list. 

These frog blocks from 2013 needed their faces appliqued on (took forever),

. . . and then they needed to be assembled and given borders. Again, this took forever, mainly because I'd originally wanted to change the pattern so that they were sitting in rows, add 3 flies here and there and coordinate which ways their eyes were looking.  But by the time I'd put half the borders on, I just was not happy with it. The way their lines were hacking across the quilt, it just wasn't good, was it? 

So I picked out the blocks row by row without pulling off the borders so I could spin some of them around. Usually I'll settle for a design that may not have turned out the way I wanted, but this time it just bugged me too much for too long.  

The most accurate color depiction

Now that this is crossed off my list, I've pulled "Stepping Stones" into the slot for my breather project. That's an old Judy Niemeyer pattern I went to a class for back in something like 2010. For advancement off the 17 list, I have to make all the rest of the blocks. Paper piecing. Lots of them.

Now back to my priority project, which is about to get to the fun part of actually starting the quilting.  :)


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Sunday, March 19, 2017

BOMs Away - Wind in the Whiskers

Welcome to the link-up for BOMs Away Mondays!
Do you ever start Block-of-the-Months and then not finish them? 
Or maybe you just like doing a lot of them?
This is where you can share what you're doing on a BOM or anything you work on at given intervals. 
Show us what you accomplished in the past week or so!
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This was a busy weekend, so I didn't get much BOM time. Wind in the Whiskers is up, and I managed only to get the pieces for the kitty and the insect creatures traces and cut apart. 

This is for the "Best of Show" block, which is the portion along the lower side of the tree trunk - the pretty silver point Persian cat and the daisy-like flowers.

Yesterday we participated in our Taekwondo school's annual fund raiser (benefiting the foundation to build a Children's Hospital in Colorado Springs).

Image may contain: 1 person

We spent this morning moving another pickup load from Heather's apartment in the Denver area down to our place. Her upcoming 3rd and 4th years of med school are in the Springs, so she and Pat are renting our basement out at cheap Mom & Dad rates rather than paying full price for their own unit. I'm loving it.  :)  No pics from that.

After unloading and cleaning up, we drove up the mountain for a quilt finish photo op on this remarkably gorgeous day. Can you figure out where we went? Some of you will recognize this tidbit of the foremost landmark: 

Or perhaps this newest landmark? 

I really love the quality of this building's shadow, almost looking like waterplay.

But this is a BOM's Away post, so let's put the linky up!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wait Loss Wed.

Link-ups like Jennifer's Wait Loss Wednesday can help ease the ennui when projects are feeling stale, or getting into the next stage intimidates you for some reason. :)   Here's what's moving at my place right now:

Scott's DOD American Retirement quilt is washed and almost finished drying. I'll get a label on it Friday (want to make sure it's 100% completely dried before bunching it up to work on it), and then I hope we can get a good photo op together at the Air Force Academy this weekend. I got the binding finished over a week ago, so this last bit of work is delayed way long enough!

I have all 9 dog stencils now, so I'm trying to finalize my plans for the quilting so that I can do any marking up front before layering the quilt. Lori wants feathers and the dog's foot print and bones in it, so I'm trying to figure out a balance of doggy elements and "pretty" that works great with the quilt top  (metro rings on red background) and the cameos. I have some good ideas, so this may be accomplished tomorrow.

And my breather project, when Lori's quilt overwhelms me with its mental intensity, is this old froggy UFO, "You Must Be Croaking." In March of 2013, I pulled this out of my deep storage and did the prewashing and made the basic blocks. I wish I knew when I'd originally bought the kit, because I'm sure it was at least 2 years old at that point. 

The past couple of weeks I've been working on the face applique work and got the big feature frog cut out. I traded out a couple of the border fabrics for others from my stash, and this should make flimsy status by next week, I would guess. It's not my priority project, so it moves slower than it might. That will bring the frogs up to the benchmark for their slot on my 17 for 2017 list of UFO work.

Don't they look so cute from the back?  hehe

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